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Rimshot Creative provides commercial photography services for corporations, entrepreneurs and institutions.  A business photography specialist, Stephen has been creating original images for public relations, catalogs and marketing, websites and advertisement productions for over 10 years. If you have a product that you’d like to introduce to the world, need “day in the life of” photography for your corporate literature, or need photographs of your staff for your website, we’d love to take a “shot”at it. 

Every size business can benefit from adding our high quality photography into their business communications.
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Location Photography

Custom professional photography is ideal for corporate websites, press releases and marketing materials. We create original photography that best illustrates and meets your corporate communication objectives. Because we are often creating the corporate marketing materials as well, we can shoot with the end project in mind. That gives us a creative edge.

Business photography can be produced inour studio or on location. We are fully equipped for location photography assignments with a completely mobile lighting system. We’ll go where the project requires, your office, in the field, where ever.


Photo Retouching/Correction

After we have photographed your product, staff, or environment, we’ll go back through all the shots and make any necessary color correction, speck removal, cropping, lighting adjustments, or other enhancements that will take your shot from great to amazing. With our quick turnaround, you’ll be able to get your photographs into your production process in not time.


Product Photography

Nothing makes your product stand out from the competition like custom product photography. There is so much that goes into making a great product shot, that it’s important to hire the right photographer. Lighting, balance, color accuracy, angle, focus, etc can all make or break the shot if they aren’t all working together in harmony. No product is too big or too small; construction equipment to fine jewelry and rare collectables. Put your product in the right light with custom photography from Rimshot Creative.

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